Monday, March 7, 2011

This Is A Call

This was supposed to be a piece on the upcoming Sarawak State elections, the Interlok and Allkitab controversy and various other misdeamenours but in the light of a good buddy's heart attack, those all-important issues suddenly seem less .... grand.

He had 95% blockage in his Right Coronary Artery. Reading that in the medical report made me think for the first time about the state my arteries are in. I'm assuming a minimum of 40% blockage though I really have no desire to press the matter further. Overhearing things like "95% blockage" was bad enough but being there when the doctor told him that enzyme tests showed that there was a significant percentage of "dead heart muscle" which will "not regenerate" is seriously fucking scary.

The guy still has so much ambition. There's so many things he still wants to do, half of which I want to do with him, and half of which I think is gonna see him serve a long custodial spell. How do you break down previously unlimited lifespan into a number of years? Months? Weeks?

And the mirror swings back to me. Guess 28 isn't too young to be having a heart attack nowadays. What the hell is wrong with this world we live in?

Its a good thing I don't fancy kolo mee as much nowadays. Just can't stomach all that lard slipping and sliding round the bottom of the bowl anymore. Oh well. Til today, to tomorrow, best to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you before its too late.

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