Saturday, January 1, 2011

Management fees: the dilemma

A single mother's sad story, being intimidated by the heavy presence of policemen or a free-riding, blood sucking leech?

Unless the facts have been drastically twisted, I'm firmly in the latter camp.

What kind of person plonks down RM400k for a condo unit, then waltzes around enjoying the facilities thinking she does not have to pay for the service charges and maintenance because "she has two young children ..... as well as an aged father to support"?

My excuse would then be, "Oh I'm sorry I can't afford to pay the service charges, I'm supporting my parents, 3 goldfish and 1 dog, so don't sue me ya? Kthxbai!".

Our society today has become full of selfish buggers like these; the sooner they are slapped back to their senses, the better for the rest of us.

Bugger all, was seriously considering purchasing a condo/apartment unit in the center of town even despite the risk of poor management and/or defaulting contributors. Now, it seems as if I have to contend with a "I Deserve A Free Ride!!" attitude from some of the defaulters too.


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